Community Management Services

If you are looking for community managers you are in the right place. Community management is not just about creating an account and starting to post. Community management is part of the digital marketing strategy and has to be aligned with the business objectives: sales, promotion, branding, etc.

For this reason it is important to have a Community Manager in the team.

Our community managers in Barcelona are specialists in attracting users and generating interest.

Why hire the services of a Community Manager? Why do I need a Community Manager?

Hiring a professional community manager service guarantees a good management of social networks, which are a direct communication channel with your customers. It is important to attract customers and keep those customers by hiring an expert community manager. Our team has experts in social networks that offer a quality community management service, suitable for your audience, in each social network.

Community management is time-consuming and involves specific strategies, so it’s better to have a community management agency taking care of your social media management.

We are a community manager agency in Barcelona for big companies or small local businesses to increase their online presence and engagement with the public. As a community manager agency in Barcelona, we will set up your accounts and work to attract the right audience.


Why hire the services of a Community Manager agency in Barcelona?


The influence of social networks is an important factor in purchasing decisions and brand visibility. Users share useful content among themselves and talk about the brand, so it is essential to have a good image and generate engagement with users.  We are a Community Manager agency in Barcelona that knows well how to make your audience grow, have a good image of you and build user loyalty.


Nowadays the community manager has become a key piece in the digital strategy.

We offer a fully customized service, based on the strategy of your business. We create multi-format content for your community to position you as an expert.



  • Create your own community: it is important to have a clear target audience so that the instagram community is of quality.
  • Trust and loyalty: publish what interests your community.
  • Humanize the brand: we need users to create a bond with the community.
  • Customer acquisition: convert the user into a customer.
  • Monitoring: you must analyze what they think of you

As a digital marketing agency in Barcelona we can offer you the service of community management and also you can count on us with any type of digital service, from our web positioning service in Barcelona, our web design service or the audiovisual and production services we have.  

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