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Corporate videos and event productions for companies in Barcelona

corporate videos and event productions for companies
Grabación de vídeos corporativos para empresas y eventos

We would like to introduce you  the new corporate video of Wilmington Orthodontic Center. The dental clinic has bet on giving an added value to its project with an audiovisual production.

corporate video is the perfect sales tool, you can show your benefits as a company, your history, your objectives, your future projects. . in a very clear and visual way as it is recording a promotional video for your company.

Nowadays, the making of corporate videos is essential in the digital world we live in, to give visibility to the company.

In Kuantika we produce professional videos for companies taking into account the best audiovisual content suitable for each customer, product or service.

We know, that the audiovisual communication and production says a lot about the company, that’s why we are going to make you the best video at the best price so that your company does not lack the promotion it needs.



In Kuantika we are dedicated to the recording and film making of music videos, we are not like any other advertising agency. Our main pillars are creativity and visual arts, so if you are looking for a media production company in Barcelona, you have come to the right place.

Our audiovisual production agency can make all kinds of videos: promotional videos, advertising videos, business videos, corporate event videos, weddings, clips, conferences, parties and much more. We know that if you want your brand to be truly competitive you need to create videos that connect with your target audience.

That’s why, in an increasingly digitalized world, having videos on your website and on your social networks is esencial. Our agency besides being specialized in recording corporate videos for companies and events also has a professional service of web creation, digital marketing, design, social network management and much more. Tell us about your project and we will help you make it a reality.

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