Time lapse: video magic
Custom Time Lapse recording

Using this great photographic technique we will capture spaces, landscapes, events, processes or moments over a long period of time and can be published in a short video.

Very interesting effects are achieved to publicize anything, thanks to movement effects, playing with light, we create incredible landscapes, interesting events, processes that were monotonous now look dynamic and creative.


With the recording of a Time Lapse in a few minutes you can appreciate, from the same angle or several, the sunset, a sunrise or the entire course of a whole day.


Time Lapse is a sequence of photographs taken with a certain amount of time between each other. Subsequently, they are joined together to create a video that gives the sensation of being recorded in fast motion.

The Time Lapse is especially useful if you want to capture the image of a certain place and check the effect of the passage of time. The use of a drone allows the Time Lapse to be even more spectacular, creating a unique image. Users recognize the images but are impressed to see it from a different perspective, so we get a lot of engagement with the aerial images that a Drone allows us to make.

Tourism has exploited the use of time lapse with drone, not only allows us to create unique images but also to create a different perspective of a territory to be promoted, open spaces are ideal to capture the essence and charm of a place and create promotional content of great impact.

Drones allow us to capture and record many types of images, which gives us the opportunity to obtain a wide variety of audiovisual material that catches the public’s attention.

To record a quality Time Lapse it is important to rely on the services of a company specialized in aerial recordings. Kuantika is an agency with several services, we are a Digital Marketing Agency and an Audiovisual Agency at the same time, we offer services of Community Manager and network management, professional web design service, Drone recording service, video production and editing service and much more!

Time lapse
You’ve probably seen some time lapse, take a look at our videos and get inspired.   Professionally they offer great opportunities.
We have recorded the sunrise in Calella.
We also help you to promote your Time Lapse in the networks and web platforms, contact us without obligation and we will send you proposals and options to your measure.

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