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Do you want to have more visibility and get more customers? Do you have a website or an e-commerce but you don’t have visitors or achieve your goals? Do you want to get started in the online world and you don’t know how to start? 

We can help you. Kuantika is a multidisciplinary agency. We cover all the necessary services to make your business grow. We design websites, online stores, we are dedicated to digital marketing, we help you with the marketing plan, SEO positioning, social media management, production of videos and documentaries... We believe that it is essential for a business to work, not only to be present on the internet, but to stand out.

We design Online Marketing strategies that will help you to have visibility and attract new customers.

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We are your Online Marketing agency in Barcelona
Web positioning, Google AdWords, community management and much more.


Appear in the first search results on Google. SEO is of vital importance for your digital marketing strategy, this depends on whether or not you are found on the internet. As an online marketing agency, we work the SEO performing actions from the website itself, it is important the user experience, loading time, keywords, tags, links … and more than 200 factors that are taken into account when betting on SEO positioning.


Google AdWords covers the ads that appear above the search results in Google. It is based on bidding for the keywords for which we want to be positioned. The benefits compared to SEO is that SEM has the possibility of positioning us in the first search results as soon as we activate the campaign and therefore generates traffic from the same moment.


It is a marketing strategy in which audiovisual material is used to promote a brand, service or product. Thanks to social networks, the use of video as a digital marketing strategy has grown exponentially. Kuantika is an agency specialized in the recording and editing of all types of videos: promotional videos, advertising videos, corporate videos…


It is a strategy to attract your customers through non-intrusive techniques and help build customer loyalty. It is about accompanying the user throughout their experience to make it as satisfactory as possible. Through an intuitive website, quality content or offering what the user is looking for by segmenting the content well, the user will become loyal and consume.


f you are not on social networks, you do not exist. Nowadays, being present on a digital level is essential. It’s not just about posting, social networks have to be part of your digital marketing strategy. If you are looking for professional community managers in Barcelona, we are your agency. We capture the user’s attention, in addition to generating or maintaining engagement to obtain positive results for your business.


Remarketing are the ads that appear on other websites that you have visited. For example, you visit a shoe website and in your email or on another website you see an ad for that same shoe website. Carrying it out has a very low cost and gives a lot of visibility to your brand as well as positioning you in important websites.


It is a form of direct communication that allows a push communication to the consumer. Email marketing is not about sending mass emails, the essential thing is that the emails are tailored to each consumer and their respective interests. The benefits of email marketing are enormous: it is measurable, it adapts to the target, low investment with high ROI, customized design and adaptable to your business.


It is one of the most effective strategies. It consists of the generation of quality content with which we can convince and convert users into customers, as well as build customer loyalty. It is about creating content of your product or service that provides value to the user.


Web analytics consists of measurement, analysis, reporting and implementation in order to apply improvements to our website. Web analytics provides us with useful information for our business and to make decisions.  The objective of web analytics is to know what is happening with our digital strategy in order to make decisions for our business.

Marketing plan

You need a roadmap. You need an online marketing plan that through digital strategies allows you to meet your business objectives. We help you design a marketing plan customized to your business and your goals and we advise you throughout the process.

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