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Documentary video production

Production of documentaries as well as pre and post production.

We would like to introduce you the new audiovisual documentary production in Maresme, where the nature of this remote place near the Costa Brava is admired from the bird’s eye view of a drone.

Shooting a video with a drone provides the viewer with spectacular views, which cannot be obtained with a standard production.

As an audiovisual production company, our passion for storytelling has allowed us to specialize in the production of documentary videos with which we help our clients create unique audiovisual pieces.

At Kuatika we produce high quality content and focus our work on the production of documentaries, reports, advertising videos, music videos and much more. Our expertise in this sector, added to the fact that we have a state-of-the-art equipment, allows us to make all kinds of compositions.


From documentary productions to spots, short films, video marketing . . . . Always with the objective of carrying out your audiovisual projects in an effective and personalized way.

The production of documentary videos is based on offering the viewer all the information on a current issue, without commercial pretensions.

It’s a different way to communicate with your company’s potential audience.

The production of a documentary video has many advantages for the company, entity or subject we want to deal with.

A documentary video uses “Storytelling” where video content naturally lends itself to brand identity communication. Documentary videos are the perfect tool to reach that audience interested in consuming them.

Advantages of documentary video production

brand awareness

producción de video documental y reportaje

attract costumers

producción de video documental y reportaje

be creative

producción de video documental y reportaje
Documentary video production 

We will advise you on choosing the right theme to achieve your goals and help you shape your ideas. Our team will get to work so you don’t have to worry about anything and we will deliver a unique visual piece that fulfills your defined objectives.

In Kuantika we are dedicated to the recording and film making of music videos, we are not like any other advertising agency. Our main pillars are creativity and visual arts, so if you are looking for a media production company in Barcelona, you have come to the right place.

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