Ecommerce website design

Ecommerce website design
Ecommerce website design

We have recently launched the design of the GC’s website, a family business with more than 30 years of experience in the textile industry.

They wanted to reinvent themselves and have their own online store.

Click on the link below to access the online store:



At Kuantika’s we believe in building websites that fit your business goals and suit your audience’s needs. Our experts will also increase your SEO positioning and design the best plan to aproach your social media strategy.

The outcome you will achieve for your business is an eCommerce website that represents your brand and increases your online sales.

We have designed this online store with woocommerce, a wordpress plugin that allows us to create a custom ecommerce.

The customer can use different filters to choose the products that interest him the most. Once they have selected the products they want, they have to register and pay, obtaining the customer’s data for future purchases and discounts.

Thanks to the SEO strategy, the client’s website will have a good position in the search engine giving the page a strong visibility in its business niche.



Our web design agency in Barcelona, designs online stores customized to the needs of each client. We are dedicated to the design and creation of websites, we create your ecommerce with a responsive design and we take care of the SEO positioning of your website in order to get an online store easy to manage and that meets and fits the expectations of the client and the user.

In addition to offering the service of creating websites we are a multimedia advertising agency, not just a digital marketing agency, this includes, graphic design, video production and recording, social network management, production and editing of photography and videos… and everything you need, because in the end, your success is part of ours.



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