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Promotional video for local business

We would like to introduce you the new video presentation for Dr Flow in Barcelona.

The owners of this store, like many other local businesses, are aware that nowadays, one of the most effective marketing strategies to attract customers or followers and promote a local business is through the use of videos that in turn can be shared on various platforms and social networks.

Videos allow you to promote a local business or a product without having to make a very high investment in advertising and in return achieve a great impact on sales. Therefore, nowadays, you should focus all your efforts on video marketing.

To have loyal customers they must feel part of the business, and there is no better way to get them to live the business with you, providing them with video experiences, so that they identify with it.

Currently having a website is not enough, you need channels where customers can comment on their experience, share and be seen.

Kuantika also provides digital marketing services, web design, community management and video recording and editing for companies or individuals. We are your video marketing and digital marketing agency.

We can make different types of promotional videos to suit your service or product; interviews, corporate videos, video presentation of your business … there are a thousand possibilities! For example, we recently made the corporate video for Wilmington Orthodontic Center, which has opted to give added value to your project with an audiovisual production.

Promotional videos are the best tool to reach your audience, since companies can promote their products or services in a dynamic way. The most used type of video is the company video presentation, where all parts of the business are explained in an original way.

video marketing agency 
  • SEO positioning
  • Stand out from competitors by showing the services or products in a different way.
  • Present the business in an original way
  • Use the video on the website as a way of presentation
  • The company presentation videos provide a different approach to business information

Kuantika is a video marketing agency specialized in recording, making and editing videos for your business. If you want to promote your company online, whether you are a big company or you want to promote your local business, we want to help you and make your goals come true.



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