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We would like to introduce you the Eolus’s new music video, Thalassa’s new musical project, inspired by the Mediterranean style. This music video is part of the album that the artists are launching at the end of the year.

The artists wanted to recall the Mediterranean lifestyle. We decided to film different shots with the help of a drone, where the sea, the waves, the sun and the guitar move us through the coastal life. The recording of this music video has been made with a drone where we show all the environment from a bird’s point of view.

In Kuantika we are dedicated to the recording and film making of music videos, we are not like any other advertising agency. Our main pillars are creativity and visual arts, so if you are looking for a media production company in Barcelona, you have come to the right place.

If you are thinking of recording a homemade video, a more professional or a coorporate one for your company, we can help you.

One of our main goals is to inspire. We produce artistic materials able to engage the audience taking you all the way from the production to the editing and post-production. Our team of experts will take you through the process and make, your project, a reality. Your music will reach the audience making them feel exactly what you want them to feel.

Kuantika will tell your story in the most creative and innovative way. We are storytellers.

Kuantika is a media production company based in Barcelona and specialized in the creation of music videos.

We are aware that filming a quality video can be pricy but we have been in the music industry for a long time as most of Kuantika’s team members are musicians. If you are thinking of filming a music video for one of your songs, we can help you.


dron footage

Our creative production makes these captures with the drone increase its spectacularity.

Innovate in your next media production with a video fully or partially filmed with a drone! Kuantika’s will be delighted to make your creative dreams come true. Contact us without any obligation and we will send you a customized proposal according to your needs.


Kuantika also provides graphics, web design, marketing, community management and advertising support.


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